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Surface Round Panel Light

1-Aluminium frame with good heat conduction;
2-Matched with constant current driver;
3-Eco-friendly, energy-saving and high luminous efficacy;
4-No flickering, no humming;
5-No electric wave;
6-Installation way: Recessed, mounted or suspended by fixing bracket on the back;
7-Very easy to instal. Can instal it on wall or any surface place.


Item Type Power Input Voltage(V) Lumenious FLux (WW)  CRI Beam Angel Lifetime(hrs) Finished
B84006 Round-6W 6W 100-240V 320±10%  70/80 120° 30000 Aluminum
B84012 Round-12W 12W 100-240V 720±10%  70/80 120° 30000 Aluminum
B84018 Round-18W 18W 100-240V 1250±10%  70/80 120° 30000 Aluminum
B84024 Round-24W 24W 100-240V 1650±10%  70/80 120° 30000 Aluminum