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G9 Plastic

G9 led bulb:
1. Long Life</P><P> 2. Energy Efficiency</P><P> 3. Ecologically Friendly</P><P> 4. Durable Quality</P><P> 5. Zero UV Emissions</P><P> 6. Design Flexibility</P><P> 7. Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures</P><P> 8. Light Dispersement</P><P> 9. Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching</P><P> 10. Low-Voltage


LED Light G9 Socket 

Save Over 80% Energy 

25W 30W 40W Halogen Replacement 

Excellent Levels of Brightness 

CE Rohs Approved

BRIGHTNESS: 3W LED= 40W halogen bulbs.

SUPER BRIGHT (more than 120lm/w) /ENERGY-SAVING.Built with high lumen LEDs, only 3 watts but can reach up to 380 lumens of brightness, equivalent to G9 40W halogen bulb. Save 90% on electricity bill of lighting
Before: G9 Silicon
After: G9 Glass