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GU10 Lamp

1-Aluminum heatsink which have a very good heat dissipation performance;
2-IEC standard size, compatible with existing fixtures;
3-Low power consumption, saves 80% power comparing with traditional lamps, efficient conversion, reducing heat;
4-No speckle, no flickering, no humming, no buzzing, no RF interference;
5-Easy to install and maintainance free, cut cost by reducing re-lamp frequency;
6-Eco-friendly no mercury, no lead.


Item Type Power Input Voltage(V) Lumen Flux(Lm) CRI Bean Angel Lifetime(hrs) Base
B18003 GU10 3W 110V/220V 270 80 110° 30000 GU10
B18004 GU10 4W 110V/220V 360 80 110° 30000 GU10
B18005 GU10 5W 110V/220V 450 80 110° 30000 GU10
B18006 GU10 6W 110V/220V 540 80 110° 30000 GU10
B18007 GU10 7W 110V/220V 630 80 110° 30000 GU10